Our company’s stretch film

Most areas are commonly referred to as wrapping films, but there are also some areas called stretching film, Both are common terms. The formal expression is stretch wrap film, and also be simply and colloquially referred to as wrap film,Packaging film, floor plate film, industrial preservation Stretch wrapping film ect.

The stretch wrap film is stretchable and self adhesive , which produced using brand new raw materials , When using wrapping film, the outer film is not easy to fall off and is tightly wrapped, effectively protecting the goods。

The conventional width of the stretch wrap film is 45cm and 50cm, other widths can also be customized. The conventional thickness of hand stretch film is 2c, while machine stretch film is 2.2c.

The net weight of the stretch film is excluding the paper core and outer packaging. Such as the gross weigh of the strech film is 3.3kg/roll, and the paper core is 0.3kg, then the net weight of the film is 3kg. After extensive testing and feedback from some customers, this specification is widely used in daily operations,It is relatively comfortable to use.

Advantages of stretch film:

  1. The stretch film can generally reach a stretching rate of 1:4, 1 meter can be used as 4 meters,Reduce the Packaging Costs
  2. Stretch wrapping film tightly wraps the goods to reduce damage, collapse, and loose packaging during storage and transportation
  3. The goods are packaged with stretch wrapped film, which can be waterproof, dustproof, and has high transparency
  4. Compared to using ordinary packaging film, stretch film can avoid using a large number of packaged accessorie (such as packaging straps, tying ropes, corner protectors, buckles, etc.).And it can simplify packaging equipment and save a lot of energy. At the same time, during packaging operations, there is no need for external devices such as hot air fans, ovens, and other heating devices also.

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